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Want to help your child achieve their best in the HSC but not sure how to do it?

HSC4Me is the ultimate interactive learning system designed specifically to support your child’s HSC learning anywhere, anytime!

Written by expert HSC teachers, HSC4ME is a comprehensive online program that provides students with all the tools and resources they need to succeed in their HSC year.

Subscription to subject-specific virtual classrooms provides access to:

Questions, quizzes and answers

Sample questions written by experts

  • Access to thousands of interactive questions (all with immediate feedback).
  • Questions categorised by topic and include: multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions.
  • All questions include fully worked solutions/answers.

Quality earning materials

Easy access to a vast array of quality resources

  • Study notes
  • Flashcards
  • Videos
  • Exemplar responses and essays

All materials have been specifically designed to support, engage and improve student results. Each activity is specifically linked to course outcomes and has been created by expert HSC teachers to engage students in meaningful learning experiences.


Advanced gamification elements are also used to make learning fun and interactive.

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