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Includes: , , English Common Module – Texts and Human Experiences, Study and Exam Skills, Free Sample HSC Subject, Business Studies, Economics, English AOS: Discovery, General Mathematics 2 – OLD, Legal Studies, Mathematics 2 Unit, PDHPE
  • Over 200 multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions
  • 150 sample responses and essays across all modules
  • 20 comprehensive study notes, written by highly experienced HSC teachers and markers across each sub-topic
  • Moderated forums and experts area to participate in discussions and collaborate with other students.
  • Over one hour of videos (split into core topics and skills)
What Will I Learn?
  • Consumers
  • Crime
  • Family & World Order
  • Global Environmental Protection
  • Human Rights
  • Option Topics – Indigenous Peoples
  • Shelter
  • Workplace

Our Legal Studies virtual classroom is written and compiled by our fully qualified HSC English Teachers and Markers, and contains all the vital information, practice and feedback that you need to achieve your very best in this subject!

With this course, have the choice of accessing any of the notes, questions, forums and webinars anytime and anywhere. Writing and preparing for your Legal Studies exams will be less daunting with a wide range of high quality questions, sample essays and comprehensive study notes being provided to you.

We understand that study can sometimes be boring. However, with a new range of badges and rewards that you can achieve for your progress in our Legal Studies course, as well as the ability to chat with your friends in the course, study can now be a little more fun! You will even have a chance to compare your results with other students in the State.

We will also be publishing a range of dates where our Senior HSC Teachers and Markers will run evening webinars and you will have a chance to post questions on any area of the syllabus you would like further help in.

We will continually be adding new materials to this course as the year progresses.

Subject Materials


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  • Crime Essay Exemplars
  • Study Notes - Criminal Trial Process
  • Study Notes - International Crime
  • Study Notes - Sentencing and Punishment
  • Study Notes - The Criminal Investigation Process
  • Study Notes - The Nature of Crime
  • Study Notes - Young Offenders
  • Crime Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Crime - Short Answer Quiz
  • Crime - Criminal Trial Process - Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Crime - International Crime - Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Crime - Sentencing and Punishment - Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Crime - The Criminal Investigation Process - Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Crime - Young Offenders - Multiple Choice Quiz
  • The Nature of Crime - Multiple Choice Quiz

Human Rights

  • Study Notes - Investigate a Contemporary Issue
  • Study Notes - Promoting and Enforcing Human Rights
  • Study Notes - The Nature and Development of Human Rights
  • Study Notes - Indigenous Peoples
  • Human Rights Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Human Rights - Short Answer Quiz
  • Human Rights - Multiple Choice Quiz


  • Study Notes - Consumers
  • Study Notes - Family
  • Study Notes - Global Environmental Protection
  • Study Notes - Shelter
  • Study Notes - Workplace
  • Study Notes - World Order
  • Law Reform: Family - Shared Care Video
  • Quizzes
  • Consumers HSC - Questions
  • Consumer - Questions
  • Family HSC - Questions
  • Family Law - Questions
  • Global Environmental Protection HSC - Questions
  • Global Environmental Protection - Questions
  • Indigenous Peoples HSC - Questions
  • Indigenous Peoples - Questions
  • Shelter HSC - Questions
  • Shelter - Questions
  • Workplace Essay - Questions
  • Workplace HSC - Questions
  • World Order HSC - Questions
  • World Order Essay - Questions

General Legal Studies Videos

  • Legal Studies Exam Questions Breakdown
  • How to Answer Legal Studies Questions
  • Legal Studies Directive Verbs Breakdown
  • How to Structure and Plan a Legal Studies Essay
  • The Legal Studies HSC Exam
  • Breakdown of Past HSC Legal Studies Questions
  • Past Multiple Choice Questions Breakdown
  • How to Prepare for Extended Response Questions
  • Legal Studies Performance Bands

Multiple Choice - Quiz

Extended Response - Quiz

Short Answer- Quiz