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HSC4ME is a revolutionary all-in-one, interactive learning app that gives you access to expert HSC teachers, adaptive learning tools and thousands of practice HSC questions.

All you need for hsc success in one platform

Developed by expert HSC teachers/markers to make study easier and more effective, HSC4ME is a trusted online program that allows you to study anywhere, anytime.

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Proven to improve your results

Created by the most experienced and qualified HSC Teachers/Markers in the State using the latest learning techniques.


Personalised, intuitive learning experience

Our intuitive features will increase your marks no matter what level you are currently at.


Fun and Engaging

Achieve badges, earn rewards and measure your results against other students.


Improve Motivation and Engagement

Participate in online classrooms/webinars and learn/collaborate with like-minded students.


Improve your knowledge

Access exclusive study notes, videos and exemplar responses/solutions in all subjects.


Improve your exam skills

Attempt thousands of HSC questions and receive instant feedback to guide your preparation before exams.


Decrease your exam stress

Learn the secrets to HSC success in our online classrooms and webinars. Here some words more.


Beyond the classroom

Learn anywhere, anytime and track your progress in the lead-up to major exams and tasks.


Easily and everywhere

You can use HSC4ME everywhere you want with the mobile app on your smartphone!

How it works

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Interactive quizzes and practice papers

Practice hundreds of HSC Multiple choice and short answer tests, all written by expert HSC teachers/markers. Receive instant feedback on your work.

Subject notes & Videos on all topics

Exclusive subject notes covering every syllabus point. Short, powerful videos also help with understanding key syllabus areas.

Webinars and live classrooms with HSC Experts

Engage with our expert HSC teachers no matter where you are. Our webinars also give you the chance to have all of your questions answered.

Worked solutions and exemplar essays across all subjects

Gain an insight into how to construct a Band 6 essay/extended response. View and see annotations from HSC Markers on the depth and structure required for success

Leader boards, badges and Rankings

A host of gamification elements that make learning interactive, fun and challenging!

Online forums and collaborative spaces

Share and receive ideas from other students, engage in conversations and work together with like-minded students.

What Our Students Say

Since 2005, we have helped over 15,867 students from over 350 schools improve their marks to achieve their best.

Marist Sisters College, Woolwich

The program enabled me to enhance my studies by providing me with extra skills and resources that allowed me to have an deeper understanding of the concepts I was learning about. Through this, I was able to have an upper hand over my peers because they showed me the expected requirements and ways in which I needed to achieve a Band 6. The program is what obtained by result and I would strongly encourage students to participate in this program.

Freshwater Senior Campus, Northern Beaches

I really enjoyed the program – the revision lectures were really engaging and covered the content in concise detail. I also found the printed revision guides extremely helpful throughout my studying process. As well as gaining more knowledge on each subject, I also greatly appreciated the useful study tips and tricks from the lecturers that school teachers hadn’t told us. These revisions definitely helped me achieve the ATAR I got. Thank you.

Our Subjects

Get access to high-quality resources including: Full lessons, Insights, Study notes, Quizzes, Assignments and more!

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Neil Kusi-Appauh
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Kevin Quigley
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Michael Reid
Bruce Dennett
Bruce Dennett

About us

What we do

We are a collection of the most qualified, experienced and passionate HSC Teachers in NSW. We are actively involved teaching and leading HSC classes in our respective schools and are still very much part of the creation, implementation and marking of HSC exams. There are over 40 Senior HSC Teachers/Markers that contribute to this learning platform.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide all students with access to high-quality resources so that they can achieve the HSC mark that they are capable of.

Since 2005

We have helped over 15,867 students from over 350 schools improve their marks to achieve their best. We have done this through the provision of HSC resources and live events that are fully supported by the major NSW universities.


Better HSC studies, better HSC marks